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Datadot consists of tiny discs,  about the size of a grain of sand, each laser-etched with multiple lines of  code. The code is unique for each asset.  The code is stored on our worldwide verification database datadot. In some instances the datadot simply carries the ‘primary identifier’ issued by the manufacturer of the asset – for example datadot can carry the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as issued by the car manufacturer.

Datadot increases the risk of arrest and prosecution of professional thieves so effectively, that they would rather move onto an item that is unidentified. That is why datadot is endorsed / supported by insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and other regulatory bodies in several countries. Additionally, a number of insurance companies have reduced insurance premiums for datadot protected vehicles.



Datadot can simply be brushed on to assets , and stay there for the life of the asset. For larger assets, such as motor vehicles, the datadot can be sprayed on. DataDot Technology Ltd has patented its own innovative spray process, which can now spray a complete car in less than 60 seconds. A car can be fitted with 1,000 to 10,000 datadot per vehicle, most often applied at the place of assembly, importation facility, or in the aftermarket through dealers.

The datadot can be detected with a UV light, and their laser-etched code read with a simple magnifying device – no complicated forensic investigation is needed.  Datadot are most widely used to protect motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, marine craft, business and personal assets. They are also called "microdots", a microdot system or simply "DataDots", and in Europe they are distributed under the name "Eurodot".